In these times when we might wonder whom we can trust to speak for us on public policy, I am pleased to support Chloe Maxmin, running for Senate District 13. I know from experience she will consult with and try to be a voice for the people of our district, while looking out for what’s best for Maine.

As representative for rural House District 88, Chloe always went the extra mile to meet with her constituents during her campaign and once she was elected. She finds time to sit down at a kitchen table and listen to what a person thinks matters. And she brought that grassroots knowledge to the Legislature, working tirelessly for bipartisan support for public policy benefitting all Mainers.

I first met Chloe when she was a student at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle. I was working as environmental justice program director for the Maine Council of Churches. As founder of her school’s Climate Action Club, Chloe was organizing a no-idling campaign for the school and local community. I provided her with handout materials about no-idling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I was promoting the concept to congregations and communities across the state.

One day I got a call from Chloe asking for more materials. She explained that her family’s home had burned down only two days before and all of her no-idling materials had burned up in the fire. Despite a tragic personal loss, she, just a high school student, also had a commitment to protect Maine’s environment that she loves.

I have never forgotten that phone call. I see that same dedication as Chloe has served the people of her district and Maine as an elected policymaker. This year I’m thrilled to cast my vote for Chloe Maxmin for state senator. Please join me.

Anne D. (Andy) Burt

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