As Maine enters Phase 3 of the statewide reopening, our state’s hard-hit businesses have
begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. How long it takes to get there is up to us. A full reopening and return to regular life won’t be possible until we have a vaccine for COVID-19, but in order to remain open in the meanwhile, Mainers must use precautions when entering a public space.

As our retail businesses begin to bring in customers and our restaurants return to full seating, it is more important than ever that we continue to mask up, wipe down, and wash our hands regularly. Human-to-human interactions are becoming more common, and unless we take every precaution to protect ourselves, that could be a recipe for a dangerous second wave that puts our hard-fought reopening at risk.

Maine’s businesses must keep stocked with masks and sanitation products and stay up to date on testing and tracking the virus in our communities. Fortunately, our state’s health care suppliers have worked overtime to procure vital medicines and preventative care supplies, keeping us stocked through the peak of the crisis. Their partnership with our pharmacies and retail drugstores offers a layer of support for businesses in need of critical supplies.

As we look forward to a full return to normal, we have to stay focused on the challenges at
hand. Ensuring every business is prepared to reduce transmission is the most important step we can take.


John Picchiotti


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