When so much of our society is reeling from the pandemic and looking for solid purchase, spending tens of millions of dollar campaigning is shortsighted at best and completely irresponsible and baffling when seriously considered.

Schools, towns, small business, and health care are just a few instances where money would make significant differences, but at this point, many voters simply reach for the mute button when another slanted, attack ad appears. While there may have been a grain of truth at one point to what is being said, so much spin and distortion have been added that it make both candidates look pathetic, distrustful, and completely out of touch with what is happening in our world.

With social media, and allowing debates two or three weeks ahead of the election, any candidate could get out their message, dramatically reduce their advertising budget and finally show some leadership and responsibility.

Continuing to allow funds to be wasted on misleading and ineffective advertising only shows both candidates hypocrisy, limited scope of understanding, and their belief that by helping a very few, it helps us all. We deserve better. We deserve representatives that show sincere understanding and genuine leadership not just the scraps of their concerns


Michael Walley


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