Get ready for a real scorchah! Monday is going to be quite hot. Humidity will be plentiful, too, so it will feel even hotter than it actually is. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for portions of New Hampshire, as well as York county.

Heat advisory for Monday. NEWS CENTER Maine

It will feel like the mid to upper 90s outside, with a few locations possibly feeling like 100 degrees.


The highest forecast temperatures are also in York county, but most of the state will be quite warm. Highs range from the 80s in northern Maine to the low to mid 90s across the southwestern part of the state.

Forecast high temperatures on Monday. NEWS CENTER Maine

Some showers and storms will be possible in the afternoon, mainly away from the coastline. It will be a warm night, with most in the 70s.

Humidity and heat remain locked in place Tuesday morning as a cold front approaches.

A cold front will push through on Tuesday. NEWS CENTER Maine

With plenty of energy to use, storms will likely be on the strong side as they fire. Some severe warned storms are also on the table, assuming the timing of the front is in the middle of the afternoon.


Thee areas highlighted in green will have a chance at seeing strong thunderstorms. NEWS CENTER Maine

Torrential rain and strong wind gusts are on the table for the afternoon and evening. Have a way to get warnings, should the storms be strong enough.

Even if the storms do not end up pushing severe thresholds, it looks like the day with the most widespread activity. The humidity will break a little bit later in the evening.

Wednesday looks generally cloudy with a few showers around. The heat will be slow to subside, so most get bumped back up into the 80s.

The warm air will linger on Wednesday, too. NEWS CENTER Maine

The heat and humidity slowly clear out later on Wednesday, with a break on the way for Thursday. There could be some lingering showers or pop up storms in the afternoon Thursday, but it will not be as big of an issue.

Friday looks generally cooler and less humid. With the drier weather on the way for the weekend, it could be another gem here in Maine.

Friday Highs


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