Our country deserves to hear the truth from the media. We are currently fighting a global pandemic, working for equality for black lives, and approaching the presidential election. News coverage is essential, especially during this historic time. It is crucial that we receive the same accurate updates from all sources of media. Twitter is one of many major social media platforms that has a significant influence on society. Twitter currently has the right to censor and flag content that appears bias or misleading. Any tweet that could potentially persuade someones political views will be flagged.

Throughout President Donald Trump’s presidency, Twitter has been a platform that has allowed him to speak freely and directly to America. However, Trump has become enraged at the company for flagging a few of his recent tweets. Trump imposed an order that poses a threat to major social media platforms. Basically, the order will prohibit the right to censor information.

This order is dangerous to the American people, especially during a time where unbiased, factual reporting is vital. The president is outraged because he believes Twitter is purposely trying to silence the Republican Party. The tweet that was flagged states that “there is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.” This tweet had no evidence, and is just one example of many controversial tweets from the president. The president’s order aims to take away companies current ability to censor, restrict, edit, and place warning labels.

It is possible that this order will not be passed. The order risks infringing on the First Amendment rights of private companies. Regardless of Twitters intentions, this new order would lead to an increased amount of misleading information and would further divide our country!


Kelly Fogarty


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