Police departments are under fire today because of the actions of a few cops. Calls for reform are in the news daily and many people feel police departments are in decline.

I want to point out that we in Maine have many extremely fine police departments, one of which is the Augusta Police Department right here in our capital city. This is a very busy agency that continuously conducts itself in a professional manner while delivering the police services necessary for preserving law and order and safety to the community.

Augusta P.D. is staffed by well-educated and trained personnel from the top administration right through the rank and file. The patrol, school and the detective units entail some of the most talented men and women in Maine law enforcement.

It is because of the high caliber of these dedicated and brave individuals that day in and day out the “job gets done and the mission completed” with no headline-grabbing controversies .

In this new age of police bashing I needed to point out Augusta P.D. is policing done right.

Ray Moinester

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