1. Room. Four bedrooms across more than 1,500 SF gives everyone in the household the space to work or study from home. Two bathrooms will keep the peace for any buyers with kids.

2. Storage. Built-ins and closets are found throughout, along with a full basement and a single car garage.

3. A backyard. Love to garden? Got a swing set? Dreaming of nights around a fire pit? Make this open space your own, knowing that the white, picket fence will keep pets and kids secure.

4. Year-round comforts. A sunroom overlooking the yard is a great spot to soak up the sun during every season and the living room fireplace will keep it cozy when the temperatures drop.

5. Location. Thornton Heights is on the south end of town, so no need to rely on the Casco Bay Bridge for a commute. This tree-filled neighborhood is set between local businesses on Main St. and Broadway while being just 10 minutes by car to the Old Port or the airport.

6. Price. A single-family home with a “3” for the first digit of a six-digit price is already quite popular around these parts. A three followed simply by zeroes? Well, interested buyers should check this one out soon.

132 Westbrook St.  is listed at $300,000. Tom and Julia Ranello. In this unique moment in time, the Ranellos can provide swift, safe services for buyers and sellers. Contact them today at 207-838-1651 or [email protected].