We, as members of Winthrop Center Friends (Quakers), join with Quaker organizations throughout the country in a commitment to eliminate institutional racism, institutional sexism and other forms of systemic discrimination in our daily practices and in our legislative priorities and public policy.

As we witness the most recent manifestations in this country of violence toward peoples of color, we are painfully reminded that our nation has a special responsibility to redress the consequences of its long history of slavery, race-based discrimination, and oppression that is corrosive to Black lives and to a society that seeks equality.

We recognize that our silence in this moment would be collusion with violence. So we speak to support the leadership of Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color; and, to support those calling and working for change in the streets, in government, in essential work, and at home. We speak also to reclaim the symbols of faith from their use to justify political ends, and we pledge our lives to this testimony.

Shirley Hager

Winthrop Center Friends Church

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