The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary that happened Wednesday night or early Thursday morning at a brewery in Harrison.

Sgt. Joe Dyar said Thursday night that the investigation is ongoing and there have been no arrests. Dyar said he could not disclose what might have been stolen from Fluvial Brewing.

The owners of the brewery said they were devastated when they came to work Thursday morning and found their business had been burglarized.

“As small business owners trying to survive this crazy COVID world … burglary doesn’t help!” they said in a Facebook post. “We were devastated this morning to find out that the brewery was broken into last night. Cumberland County is investigating with full on crime scene investigation. If anyone has information or saw suspicious activity last night please contact them at 1-800-501-1111 or let us know. Grrrrrr!!!!”

The owners of Fluvial, which is at 860 Maple Ridge Road, said there has been an outpouring of support from the community, adding that they “hope justice will be served.” Fluvial opened about one year ago.

People on Facebook responded to the news with anger and disappointment. Although the brewery did not mention what might have been stolen, it did post photographs of the structural damage caused by the burglars.

“Just horrible, unsettling and such a violation. You’ve poured your heart into this place. I hope they catch whoever did it,” one commenter wrote.

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