Sen. Matt Pouliot, R-Augusta, wants everyone to return to work. Everyone, apparently, except for himself and his Republican colleagues (“Republican lawmakers again reject call for special session,” Aug. 5).

In the chorus of Republican legislators calling for Maine to reopen, even when reopening would put the health and safety of Mainers at risk, Sen. Pouliot’s voice has been one of the loudest. Just look at his Facebook page. Throughout the pandemic, Sen. Pouliot has posted stories of businesses struggling due to coronavirus restrictions, all the while calling for reopening the state so Mainers could get back to work. In May, he even shared his party’s letter calling for the legislature to return to Augusta.

Considering this supposed commitment to rescuing the economy, I found it odd that Sen. Pouliot has suddenly decided that his work is not necessary. When Democrats tried to reconvene the Legislature to work for Maine people, Republicans like Sen. Pouliot refused to respond to their call. This obstructionist political stunt is crass, hypocritical, and dangerous. If the Legislature does not reconvene, the small businesses Pouliot claims to champion could face more burdensome and unnecessary taxes.

It’s clear Maine Republicans are willing to sacrifice the people and businesses of our state to play a pointless political game.


Alicia Barnes


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