In the July 25 story about Sara Gideon’s Senate campaign receiving $4 million “crowd-sourced” — whatever that means — for her campaign to unseat Sen. Collins, the reporter referred to the senator’s supporters as “right leaning” and as “conservative.” It is interesting to note that you found no such ideological adjectives necessary to describe any of the three organizations, Be A Hero PAC, Mainers for Accountable Leadership or the Maine People’s Alliance, who support Speaker Gideon.

A reminder. The woman who brought the charges against Brett Kavanaugh was never even able to prove that they had occurred — some 30 years prior. Also, in Kavanaugh’s rise up the judicial ladder over the years he was investigated by the FBI four times prior to this and nothing of this sort ever came up. In my opinion the hearings were nothing less than character assassination and a disgrace. Sen. Collins was correct in the vote she cast, and I am proud of her.

To be sure, I do lean to the right and I am conservative, factors, of course, in my opinion, but far from being the only ones. In her 24 years the senator has never missed a vote, much like the late, great Sen. Smith. Sen. Collins has pleased me with most of her votes, but she has also irritated me on more than one occasion, and you can’t ask any more than that.

Terence McManus

New Sharon  

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