Why Hilary Koch for Senate District 16? It’s time to move into the future with good, honest and caring people. Yes, there are politicians like that, even in these challenging times, and Hilary Koch is one of them. She is open, honest, and caring about the people in our community and the world. She is a certified “do-gooder” who is not afraid to speak out about against injustice and bullying, something she has done publicly a number of times, even in our own city council meetings.

Here is what I like about Hilary: Hilary looks out for our children. She was a dedicated teacher for many years.

Hilary cares about the elderly. She was the primary caregiver for her 95-year-old grandpa before he passed away recently.

Hilary cares about unfair pharmaceutical costs, which she has seen firsthand since one of her boys is on insulin for diabetes. Hilary cares about her church as a longstanding member and willing volunteer at Pleasant Street United Methodist Church.

Hilary is fearless, not afraid to speak out against injustice, as she did when our own mayor attacked Florida students protesting school shootings.

I am convinced that there is no better, and more qualified candidate, for this year’s District 16 Senate seat than Hilary Koch.


I urge anyone who really does believe in the welfare of the people of Waterville and the people of Maine to vote for Hilary Koch for Senate District 16.


Dan Beaulieu


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