Especially in these trying times, I know I’m not alone in feeling outraged and powerless about the shameless lack of honesty, integrity, civility and sincere concern for others exhibited at the very top of our federal government. One thing that gives me hope is that Hilary Koch is running (as a Clean Election candidate) for Senate District 16 (Albion, Benton, Clinton, Fairfield, Unity Township, Waterville and Winslow).

Hilary is a person of impeccable integrity who actually lives her belief that, as she says on her website, helping others is “a responsibility and a blessing.”  She knows from personal experience the importance of affordable health care, and she is committed to creating jobs, investing in public education, and protecting our beautiful state.

Most of all, she is a person who believes in the power of community and the importance of finding creative, collaborative solutions to the larger problems of our day.

Please join me in supporting her now with a contribution and in November with your vote.


Beth Schiller


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