Chloe Maxmin is not just another candidate for Senate District 13. I met her and her parents when she was about 7 years old, when they joined me and my kids and some other friends one Halloween for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

Years later my family and I took note of and applauded Chloe’s remarkable climate-advocacy activities while she attended Lincoln Academy.

More recently Chloe and I had common cause in a contentious local planning board matter. I witnessed her being verbally attacked at that time and noted how calmly and coolly she faced that attack. It helped her that even then, she had supporters there who stood by her.

Shortly thereafter, Chloe ran for state representative. One measure of how hard a candidate is working is how many doors they knock on, that is, how many homes they visit during their campaign. Chloe probably knocked on more doors than her primary and general election opponents combined. She won the election, of course, and went on to bring her talents to bear for the people of her district.

Then and now, it is impressive how many people she has helping out in her campaign, and how effective and organized their work is.

In politics as well as life, it’s often the people around you that provide you strength and enable you to get things done.

With her towering work ethic and solid principles, Chloe inspires people. In these times when Maine’s working families are struggling, when our resources are under pressure, and when our climate is changing rapidly and unpredictably, we need to have her skills, knowledge, and energy working for us in the state Senate.

Eivind A. Boe

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