Almost every time I look at a newspaper, listen to a radio or watch a television news story on the U.S. Senate race, the only names I hear are Susan Collins and Sara Gideon. This is really disappointing to me. I thought the media was supposed to keep us informed. Not only that, but fully informed. As of today, the official Maine voting ballot will list four candidates in the race. Beside Gideon and Collins are listed Lisa Savage and Max Linn. If we are to have a fair election, all four candidates must be acknowledged every time any one or two candidates are mentioned.

Since I’ve been following the Senate race on the news, I get the feeling that the media wants only one of two corporate-sponsored candidates to be the ultimate winner. As it is now, many people believe there are only two running for the office. This makes it appear to many that there are only two candidates. If our newspapers, radio and television stations want us to believe that they are informing the public about matters of importance, they’d better start relating the news in its entirety.

I suggest that Maine’s media start letting voters know that Savage and Linn are running for office as well. I can’t say much about Linn, because the media won’t acknowledge him. I have known Lisa for many years, both as a teacher and as a social activist. What I do know about her is that she is a courageous woman and exercises a great deal of wisdom. Attributes we sorely need as a leader.

Let’s all start practicing democracy and talk about four candidates instead of just two.

Peter P. Sirois

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