Growing up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school, praying for a moment and singing “God Bless America,” I always had a sense of deep-rooted pride in our country.

Instead of strengthening the ties that bind us, we loosen them and weaken them. Without a strong structure, a house or country falls apart with neglect and apathy. America is not beautiful now; it is becoming morally bankrupt, and it is falling apart socially. We are not family, friends or neighbors any longer, we are political enemies, labeled and divided in every city and rural town in the divided states of America.

There is no structure, not much love or unity to help bind us. No national pride, no godliness or even spiritual reverence allowed in our lexicon. We have allowed media to overtly influence us and who we relate to, and to despicably subvert our values. Bots, robots, paid trolls or advertisers who push hate, misinformation and conspiracy should not be allowed to continue to prey.

We need to know the truth, respect all life and value the rule of law. Rules, regulations or guidelines are laws that need to be respected. Those who rebel, are too rude or do not care enough about sensible laws need to be fined, shunned or jailed.

If we love our country, if we appreciate our lives and the pursuit of happiness, we can support political representatives who do not divide us but help to unite us so we can stay indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We can be America the beautiful again. We can reignite hope for all who work hard and reverse corporate rule, as it is not democracy.

Dennis St. Jean


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