I stand adamantly against the proposal to consolidate polling locations to the Augusta Civic Center for the November election. Here’s why.

Not all of our residents have cars. Consolidating to one location that is out of reach through walking will result in voter suppression of people living in poverty. Which is 19.36% of our population in Augusta. This proposal is out of touch with the reality of many of our neighbors.

We are expecting an unprecedented voter turnout in the November election. Hopefully, most of us with vote via absentee ballot but many will not. Consolidating everyone to one location is a recipe for social distancing disaster. Keeping our locations spread throughout the city will result in fewer people being in one location at a time.

Please email your city councilors to stand against voter suppression and irresponsible policy in light of social distancing requirements. Send your email to: info@augustamaine.gov

Or you can join me at the city council meeting on Thursday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center to give your comments in person. If you need a ride, please reach out.

Courtney Allen


(The writer is a candidate for an at-large seat on the Augusta City Council.)

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