How can any self-respecting publication feature an article on NECEC’s proposed corridor, penned by someone who would stand to greatly enrich himself if it were to go forward? (“NECEC president: Mainers helped make transmission line project better,” Aug. 7.) Surely the newspaper knows we see the connection between CEO Thorn Dickinson’s featured propaganda piece and the large sums of advertising revenue they have recently received from the NECEC consortium? There is no shortage of lesser-biased people on this topic to give space to. I am disappointed.

I’ll leave it to others to rebut Dickinson’s bizarre and flowery version of his Spanish company’s money-grubbing proposal — the history of untruths, half-truths and unfulfilled promises is on record. If anyone reading the fiction that he politely “listened” and reacted appropriately to Mainers’ concerns is inclined to give him some credibility, understand this: Dickinson has worked diligently with his multinational consortium attempting to deprive Maine voters of their constitutional right to referendum, and has promised to sue us again after the vote is tabulated.

Spanish Iberdrola/Avangrid/CMP’s proposed boondoggle to slash a 53-mile swath through Maine’s beautiful western hills (for transmission to Massachusetts — interestingly not even mentioned by Dickinson) would provide scant benefit to Maine and her citizens, and leave in its wake a hideous permanent scar. We need to look beyond the hype spewed by foreigners who believe it is their right to dictate what is “best” for us, and set the record straight come November.

The CEC is not needed, will not improve the environment, and is about just one thing: greenbacks for a foreign conglomerate and a few of their politically elite allies who wish we would just roll over and let them take what they want.

Thorn Dickinson and his cohorts need to do more than “listen” to Mainers. They need to understand.


Gary Henry


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