In the radio-controlled car and truck world, bashing, according to the GensTattu Blog, is driving that tests the limits of your battery-powered car or truck and includes high jumps, spectacular landings and a devil-may-care attitude toward wrecks.

Paul Gombos, of Winslow, and his family, Ashley Bernatchez and 6-year-old Aubrey Crews, were testing the limits of some of their radio-controlled vehicles Monday at Quarry Road Trails, kicking up dust and gravel as their cars jumped high, sped fast and occasionally crashed.

Gombos got serious about the hobby in the wake of the onset of coronavirus. He owns and maintains 15 different radio-controlled vehicles. The four RC cars he and his family were bashing Monday range in price from $60 to $1,000.

The big dog of the four was the Arrma Kraton truck, a 1:5 scale RC vehicle that can go 70 mph and can jump 40 feet. It also comes with an array of high-tech extras that can measure how well it performs.

The only apparent casualty of all that bashing Monday was Aubrey’s monster truck, which had a broken wheel, but she still had a stellar smile for the camera.

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