Each year The Children’s Home for Little Wanderers collects thousands of items from the community to support the Maine Children’s Home’s Christmas Program. Through this unique winter essentials and gift program, the children’s home distributes boxes to more than 1,700 children in need every year, according to a news release from Richard Dorian, executive director of the Waterville children’s home.

There are challenges in these times in every family, which is why the children’s home is starting early and inviting even more people to help pitch in so the growing needs can be met. This winter, it is anticipated the requests from the community will be even greater.

A list of items have been compiled on an Amazon Wish List at amazon.com as well as a basic list of essential needs at mainechildrenshome.org. A goal has been set to fulfill the wish list 100 days before Christmas — Wednesday, Sept. 16. This early deadline allows the children’s home to add capacity for additional requests and for its volunteers to safely pack the gifts this fall under socially distanced guidelines.

A gift also can be made directly to Maine Children’s Home to support the program to mainechildrenshome.org.

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