Over 30 years, I’ve kept up with the actions of the Maine Legislature through the Kennebec Journal. I’ve emailed my state representative or senator to share my thoughts on pending legislation and always received a respectful response whether we agreed or not. Until I emailed Sen. Russell Black.

I expressed my opinion to Sen. Black on some legislation in 2019 and received no response. I emailed him again with no response. I’ll never know if he agreed or disagreed with me. I gave up corresponding with him because I had no faith that he cared what I thought.

I’ve met Jan Collins many times during the past election. She listened to me and answered my questions with knowledge and expertise.

There are 162 bills with bipartisan support currently pending in the Legislature, including bills providing relief from the pandemic’s economic and human fallout. Despite having complained about not being called back, the Republicans in the Legislature have now rejected two calls from Senate President Troy Jackson and House Speaker Sara Gideon to gather for a special session to work on those bills.

In the poll on Aug. 5, 64 Republican members didn’t even place a vote. They say they won’t return without an agreement on the scope and the length of the session. Their refusal to meet makes them opponents of one of the most effective state responses to COVID-19 in the country.

I would like to tell Sen. Black that I think the Republicans could show they care by agreeing to the special session, but since he doesn’t seem to care what I think, I won’t.

What I will do, however, is to vote for Jan Collins. I look forward to corresponding with Jan knowing I’ll hear back from her. I encourage you to vote for Jan — she’ll listen and pay attention.


Sandra Wright

Mount Vernon

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