A man staying at a Vassalboro campground was arrested after allegedly grabbing another man camping there on Sunday, tackling him onto a bed in a camper, and simulating a sexual act.

Brian Fitton

Brian Keith Fitton, 38, was arrested by the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office Monday on charges of aggravated criminal trespass, unlawful sexual touching and assault.

Fitton was arrested Monday and taken to Kennebec County jail where bail was initially set at $7,500.

The victim said he was inside the camper of people with whom he was camping at Green Valley Campground when Fitton entered through an open door, grabbed him, and tackled him on a bed where he landed face down. The victim said he then felt Fitton grab him around the hips and start to simulate sexual act before others entered the camper, according to an affidavit filed by Kennebec County Deputy Devin Polizzotti.

Before leaving the camper, Fitton allegedly told another man, who was staying with him at the campground, to “get in there so we can rape him.” A woman who entered the camper made an excuse why the victim and another visitor had to leave, at which point Fitton and his camping partner left.

The victim said Fitton and the other man had been making comments to him for about a week, at first commenting on his appearance and, as time went on, the comments becoming more sexualized. The victim told police he believed Fitton was intoxicated during the Sunday incident.

Fitton told police that he was playing around but acknowledged he may have taken the incident too far. He first told police he had walked into the camper, pushed the victim on the bed and walked off. When asked about the simulated sexual act, Fitton told police that they could “say that may have happened” but “wasn’t meant that way,” according to the affidavit.

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