Over the past three years an equal opportunity disease has been loose in the United States. Influenza averages over 40,000 deaths, 500,000 hospitalizations with hundreds of kids dying each year while none or near zero of die of the coronavirus.

The risk here is not of death via corona but one of adult neglect by those in power looking to close schools with no science nor facts on their side. Kids’ are carriers, meaning they can infect grandma or teachers, just as they are every year with the flu. We don’t close schools or tell all fit athletes their season is done.

Educators show neither ability nor desire to think on how best to serve the children but rather how best to serve themselves and fawning politicians. Administrators willing ignore data that demonstrates we will be doing more harm to our kids and society by “protecting” them and closing schools.

One could surmise if schools aren’t open because of COVID-19, then we should never reopen them, even after there is a vaccine. Every year students get the flu and bring that home to grandma or expose teachers.

The coronavirus demonstrates that decisions being made exempt input from those who will suffer the most in response to school closure or limitations: students and parents. Denying socialization and education is criminal. To deny a free and public education will assure stress associated with adolescents will increase in magnitude but that is OK because the teachers are safe.


Bill Perfetto


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