I’ve been listening to the Susan Collins commercials telling voters how she saved us all by working on the PPP loans. First let me say I’m a conservative voter. I’ve held my nose and voted for Collins many times in the past because she’s the only option we Republicans have. She knows this full well. That’s why she runs with a “R” behind her name and votes as a liberal. It’s politics as usual. It’s more about her retaining power than her underlining conservative principles.

My issue with the PPP loans is the fact they weren’t loans at all; they were grants offered in the millions of dollars that don’t have to be paid back. I opposed the government forcing business to close their doors and then using taxpayers’ money to pay every business in America two months of revenue.

Does Susan Collins want to take credit for massive bail out of businesses that were only running marginal operations and took bailout money and filed for bankruptcy after the taxpayers spent millions on them? Does she want to take credit for jobs lost from those Maine business who didn’t take a PPP bailout and will never return?

If you’re like me, you have big concerns about government overreach of power and excessive spending. I think Susan Collins should reconsider bragging rights about her part in massive government bailouts. There’s many conservative voters out here who are disgusted by her role in PPP giveaways. If Susan Collins going to behave like a liberal Senator, we may as well elect one.


John Hopkins


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