Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, the creators and stars of this R-rated comedy doubling as the leads, don’t meet cute as most sitcom couples do. In their joint effort they are clearly out to shake, rattle and roll folks who are tuning in for a UK version of “When Harry Met Sally.” It’s nothing of the sort.

Rob Delaney is a former comedian turned writer who apparently caught fire on Twitter, and here he is as the actor in a pudding of his own making.

Sharon Horgan is a well-developed comedy writer with one good credit, “Pulling,” on her resume. We need to check that one out.

“Catastrophe,” directed by Ben Taylor and Jim O’Hanlon begin the story.

They meet in a crowded bar when she slides into the stool next to him. She’s cute, he’s handsome. We’re thinking standard fare. Not so fast.

Sharon orders a drink and offers to buy him one. He orders a Coke.

“You don’t drink?”

“I used to drink a lot. But I quit when at my sister’s wedding I (expletive) my pants.”

Then they proceed to bump around like strawberries and vodka in the British social blender, and after a few cliche moments laced with bright and sparkling humor, they each inhale the aroma of lust that floats about them like a rich fog. Hold on. The fog soon becomes a Code 5 disturbance.

Wait. Who is Rob? Glad you asked. Rob is in town to scope the territory for his New York advertising agency. He’s smart and witty, polite and courteous, (more Ross Geller than Don Draper) a bit too much so for a New Yorker ad guy because there’s something a bit too altar boy softness about him. But as in all most “devout” altar boys, the horny gene comes to the fore when confronting a girl with a similar itch.

Sharon? She is introduced as an Irish school teacher who left the the Emerald Isle to come live in London. Once she opens her mouth, we get the idea that an Irish classroom wasn’t going to be a great fit for life. So off she went. Actually, he looks more Irish that she.

CUT TO: Sharon and Rob banging into a dark room, pushing through the door of his hotel room, ripping the clothes from one another and bouncing into bed, where they thrash and breath heavily.

This scenario will be repeated over and over and over, throughout the weekend.

CUT TO: Rob back in New York. His cellphone rings. He answers.

“Hi. I’m pregnant.”


“You sound surprised? We had sex about 27 times. You’ve forgotten?”

CUT TO: London. Rob is back in town and sitting beside Sharon with a cute gynecologist who is hoisting Sharon into the stirrups.

Yes, she’s going to have a baby, but there’s something else up there. You can look later.

The thought of NOT having this baby is discussed. Rob (altar boy) will have none of that. Rob it seems had been ready for picket fence and rose garden for a long time. That explains Rob’s lack of proper protection.

This is the first segment of the first season you understand, things change rapidly with these two. In the first season’s beginning we meet Sharon’s kookie friends (Mark Bonnar/Ashley Jensen) and her family. I won’t go there. For your convenience, I downloaded this important information.

“Catastrophe” season 4 premiered on March 14, 2018. Just before the premiere, show’s official Twitter account released a statement that fourth season will be the final season for the show. Even though, “Catastrophe” season 5 is officially canceled, fans shouldn’t give up hope.

No, don’t give up hope, and don’t leave … I can’t give you the finale closer, but it has already provoked controversy.” Enjoy.


J.P. Devine of Waterville is a former stage and screen actor.

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