I have heard that Russell Black, my state senator, is a very affable man who on occasion takes flowers to the women working in town offices. I met Sen. Black and agree he is personable. But a review of his voting record makes it clear he does not stand with women when it really counts.

Black voted against L.D. 820, An Act to Prevent Discrimination in Public and Private Insurance Coverage for Pregnant Women in Maine. He also voted against pay equity, L.D. 780. Fortunately both of these bills passed without his vote, so thank you to the legislators who did stand with women.

Black voted against equal rights for women, L.D. 433, which did not pass because every Republican legislator voted against it and it needed a two-third’s majority vote.

We need legislators who will stand with us and not just bring us flowers.

Deborah Stahler
Mount Vernon

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