Opponents of the Clean Energy Corridor continue to spread misinformation on the pages of Maine’s newspapers. This time it’s columnist George Smith in a questionably sourced op-ed.

Mr. Smith should think about calling in a real expert. How about NASA? Yes, that NASA, because they would disagree with Smith about why the Gulf of Maine’s waters are warming. Spoiler alert: Warming waters in Maine’s Gulf have nothing to with Hydro-Quebec’s reservoirs; it’s a direct impact of climate change. The very climate change that the Clean Energy Corridor can fight. To claim otherwise is completely absurd.

For another good source of information, Mr. Smith could also look to the Bangor Daily News article on March 27, 2019, “No Evidence Hydropower for CMP Project Would Disrupt Gulf of Maine Food Chain Scientists Say“.

Mr. Smith’s book review is timely, because, as he likely knows, opponents of the Clean Energy Corridor are using the exact same book he cites in his op-ed to help raise money to continue opposing the project. We’ll chalk that up to the fact that the oil and gas industry are no longer funding their effort. I’m sure you’ll remember that Calpine and Vistra spent over $400,000 on an army of signature gatherers and planned to spend another $6 million on TV ads this fall to oppose the project.

The facts are clear. The Clean Energy Corridor project will reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs, fund access to broadband in rural Maine, and provide enough discounted energy to power 70,000 Maine homes or 10,000 businesses. Don’t let opponents continue to tell you otherwise.

Serge Abergel
director, external relations


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