The economic opportunities presented by the NECEC are significant. I keep hearing from opponents of this project there is no benefit to Mainers and that Massachusetts only will reap its rewards. That is utterly ridiculous.

The Clean Energy Corridor will pump more than 1,000 megawatts of hydropower into Maine and New England from Quebec. When this amount of any type energy is brought into the New England grid, the effects are obvious — bills go down for Maine ratepayers. It is the basic law of supply of demand. The more options we have as far as choosing how we power our homes, the better. But the part of this project that makes it so appealing is that Mainers do not have to pay a single cent of it. Not a penny. Massachusetts is footing the entire bill. How can we pass up a chance like this?

But the economic benefits go on from there. There is also a significant amount of property tax revenue that will be generated for towns along the corridor of the project. This extra revenue will be used to fund local projects municipalities simply don’t have the money to pay for now. The NECEC will provide them increased revenue and allow them to spend it how they see fit.

Recently it was announced that Hydro-Quebec will also sell discounted electricity to Maine, providing some direct benefit to electrical customers. This can only bode well for our future relations with Quebec and its abundant supply of renewable energy.

I strongly encourage all Mainers to get behind NECEC. It will ensure clean energy in our state and invest in our economy for years to come.

Connie Craven


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