I’ve never really considered myself a political person, but this year I’m standing strongly behind Justin Fecteau for state representative.

When COVID-19 hit and my tattoo studio was forced to close, we were slated for an August reopening. By that time, hundreds of artists would have gone under. When it mattered most, Justin Fecteau was one of the only leaders in our state to fight for us. He listened to the Maine Association for Safe Tattooing, read the safe reopening plan, and understood that we already used PPE and medical-grade products as a common business practice.

He reached out to Gov. Mills, where he stated, “The product of their labor may not be essential, but the fruit of their labor is.”

Simply put, Justin Fecteau gets it and fights for all of us. Because of his advocacy, hundreds of families supported by tattoo studio income will make it through 2020.


Garreth Brown



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