I was an admirer of Susan Collins, as I felt she represented Maine on the issues important to all residents. In 2014 she voted to protect women’s health from corporate influence (S. 2578) and in 2016 she refused to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which enables countless families to obtain health coverage.

In recent years she has disappointed me. In 2017 Collins voted for Trump’s tax reform plan that gave huge tax cuts to corporations, saving them millions, but which was aimed at endangering the ACA that she felt strongly about the year before. In 2020 she cast the pivotal vote to send Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a move that puts women’s right to chose directly in the line of fire, again undermining her prior vote.

I have owned property and paid taxes in Maine for 17 years and this is where my heart resides, but since it is my home for five or six months of the year, I cannot cast a vote. I hope you will. I no longer trust Susan Collins. She says one thing, but votes another. She has become an example of how staying in office too long enables one to fall victim to the power of the position.

The two most important issues for Mainers are reportedly health care and taxes. The recent votes by Collins did not help families on either. It’s time to say goodbye and replace her with someone truly interested in representing Maine citizens.

Marcia Deegler
Boothbay Harbor

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