With all the name-calling, campaign puffery and vitriol out there, it is such a relief to be represented by Sen. Shenna Bellows. I am so happy to vote for her again, because she tells it straight, listens carefully to all and tackles issues big and small on behalf of her constituents.

No matter the party of the governor, she has called out problems in the unemployment compensation system. No matter how big multinational internet companies may be, she has taken them on to protect our internet privacy, passing landmark legislation the courts have upheld despite attacks from big tech.

I recently testified (online) before the Judiciary Committee about PFAS contamination and was impressed with Sen. Bellow’s grasp of the issues and incisive questions. If you live in Senate District 14, I hope you will join me and mark your ballot for Shenna Bellows for Senate.

Sharon Treat


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