We’re fortunate to have technologies like Zoom that have allowed people to work from home, keep in touch with family and friends, and engage in activities that can’t happen safely during the current pandemic.

So I am puzzled why some Waterville City Council members are pressuring others to meet in person rather than participate via Zoom, and proposing to discontinue the public livestream of the meetings.

It was completely inappropriate for Councilor Foss to call out fellow councilors for dining at a restaurant while wearing a mask and then question them on their reasons for participating by Zoom at council meetings. They should not have to account for these decisions — especially when, as Councilor Franke noted, none of the councilors meeting in person are wearing masks.

Guidance from public health officials has been very clear about the critical importance of wearing a mask indoors, and it is required by businesses and schools in Maine. Why should City Council meetings be an exception?

As we move through this pandemic, we need to protect public health while being innovative about solutions to working together under COVID. Councilors should embrace new technologies available and show leadership by supporting mask-wearing and social distancing as a positive step we can all take to protect public health.

Rebecca Green


(The writer is a candidate for Waterville City Council in Ward 4.)

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