The Republican Party was founded on the principles of individual liberty, self determination, small government, entrepreneurship, and social justice. The party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Margaret Chase Smith, Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe was a party of honor, statesmanship and compromise for the common good. That Republican Party has been hijacked by ultra-conservative, reactionary ideologues who do not seek to govern, but rather, to impose their uncompromising nativistic right wing views on our nation.

The current Republican leadership has chosen to cling to power by attaching itself to an amoral, fear-mongering Republican pretender and demagogue. The basic tenets of human decency, compassion and compromise have been cast aside. We traditional Republicans may be called RINOs by this new order, but they are the true “Republicans in name only” and have stolen the soul of our party.

So I say, let the Democrats have their presidential victory. Republican leaders have abandoned the high ground and lost their way. Support down-ballot Republicans who will commit to governing with pragmatic common sense, moderation and the courage to compromise. For me, that can’t include Dale Crafts, as long as he has “Trump” stenciled across his forehead.

Susan Collins needs to step forward with her own Declaration of Conscience. She was never really a moderate, but has become one as our party has lurched so far to the right.

I choose to believe that there are plenty of true Republicans anxious to shed ourselves of the far-right agenda. We seek representatives at all levels of government who will govern with character and fiscally conservative, socially responsible, small government ideals.

We are not Democrats, and independents have little or no influence. We must either chart a new course for our Republican Party or find a better alternative.

Richard M. Morton


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