Kalie Hess is prepared on Day One to serve Senate District 15 with her experience in health care with a master’s degree in public health. She is very active in serving to make sure that there is better health care for everyone.

Hess is active in environmental issues as well, having started Augusta’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. She has been appointed to the state’s Public Transit Advisory Committee, the MaineCare Advisory Committee and is chairwoman of the statewide coordinating council on public health.

As a woman of high energy and intelligence, and a caring individual, she will serve you well.

Two other important reasons for endorsing Kalie is that her opponent on April 27 promoted changing Maine’s child labor laws so that when not in school during COVID-19, they could be working on the frontlines of service. Having served on the labor committee in the Legislature to protect youth labor laws, I found this unconscionable. Kalie has dedicated her career working for health care, especially children’s health. She is a proven leader.

Secondly, during this past legislative session, L.D. 278, “An Act Regarding Pay Equity,” which strengthens an existing law to prohibit an employer from preventing employees from discussing or disclosing other employees’ wages and make it a violation of the Maine Human Rights Act was passed. This strengthens a woman’s assurance of equal pay for equal work. Her opponent, Sen. Matthew Pouliot, voted against this bill.

On Nov. 3, I will be voting for Kalie Hess, and I hope you will too.

Anna D. Blodgett

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