Our children and grandchildren watch their heroes and heroines on TV and read about them in comic books, just as we did. If you’re my age, maybe your heroes were the “good guys” on TV westerns and movies.

In either case the theme was always the same. The hero fights for truth, the average guy, the downtrodden and disadvantaged. The villain fights for power and riches for him or herself. It’s the same in real life.

Sometimes though, as willing as the hero is to protect others, they need help from those who normally wouldn’t have the confidence or courage to fight for themselves. So the hero enlists help from the people, and together they’re able to vanquish the evil doer.

Let me tell you this, just like superheroes we have at least one super power. We have a vote. This year voting is more important than ever, and easier than ever. There is no risk if you vote, and a tremendous risk to our country if you don’t. Registering and voting can be done easily and safely, even with COVID 19.

Don’t be fooled or scared off by an administration that doesn’t want you to vote. This isn’t TV or a comic book; our democracy is at risk. Our real-life heroes and heroines, the military and first responders, can’t save our country alone. They need our help now, to defeat evil and restore our way of life. We can’t sit by and let the other guy do it, not this time.

Irish statesman Edmund Burke, in the 1700s, said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I’m sure today Burke would include women in that statement.


Plan ahead, and use your super power.


Mike Hebert


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