I know Rebecca Green well because we’ve served on a volunteer committee together for the last two years. She knows how to work with others to get the job done, even during COVID and the economic slowdown.

I’ve seen Rebecca’s instinctive talent for listening to the many challenges faced by a large organization that works with both federal and private funding. And I saw her knack for helping our group identify not only specific points of challenge to focus on, but also her ability to suggest ways we could move forward into the future, ways that only someone with lots of past experience with facing big challenges could possibly envision. Rebecca’s experience as a school administrator and a nonprofit manager and grants consultant surely have helped her develop this talent.

Rebecca’s responses are measured. She speaks after considering what others have to say, because she wants to be sure that her response reflects not just her own opinion, but also reflects an understanding of the opinions of others, even if they differ from hers.

This is what we need in Ward 4, someone who solicits and listens to the opinions from Ward 4’s residents, someone who speaks not just her own opinions, but also those of her constituents. This is how we get more bipartisan representation. That’s what we need at the local level during this time of divisive politics, not a community divided.

We need to aim to build, work, and live in a united, inclusive community. Rebecca will aim for that. That is why I am voting for Rebecca Green for Waterville’s Ward 4 city councilor on Nov. 3.

To find out more about Rebecca Green, on Facebook go to: Rebecca Green for Waterville City Council Ward 4.

Tina Serdjenian


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