The “Can Opener” has been a problem all of my life and then some it seems to me there’s a couple of simple solutions and I’m amazed that the solution has eluded official for so long (“Augusta’s ‘Can Opener’ railroad trestle claims another tractor-trailer,” Aug. 29).

There’s a height warning system on the I-95 southbound lane south of Central Street in Hallowell. It’s an attention getter. That same system could be mounted on the railroad bridge or with a similar warning.

The other, probably a wiser idea: Remove the bridge! The bridge on Route 24 in Richmond has been removed. What make this one more special? Another pipe dream of railroads returning? What’s the wait for? Hoping this blights rust will cause it to go away by itself?

Water Street is very narrow and usually congested. My guess is that truckers are concentrating on getting safely through this ally the same as I am when passing through that they don’t see the bridge of signs identifying it as “Low Clearance.”

Insurance companies that have compensated owners for their loss would likely contribute rather than see another fiasco.


Cal Brown


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