I first met Chip Curry nearly 10 years ago while volunteering together in Belfast’s local theater community. He was there not because of his passion for the stage, but because he
saw a need and his instinct was to fill it. Since then, I’ve encountered him countless times, because whenever an opportunity to serve Waldo County arises, Chip is almost always there.

As a young parent living and working in Searsport and Belfast, I’m impressed by Chip’s willingness to approach complex issues as a calm, clear communicator, as
well as his instinct for hard work, talking about a problem long enough to solve it, but not being afraid to take the next steps to make solutions a reality. Chip’s dedication to, and passion about, education for all ages benefits all Waldo County residents. I know and trust that my local school and its challenges and strengths will be at the forefront of his mind as Waldo County’s representative.

I support Chip and his vision for Maine, protecting our environmental interests by advocating for laws that protect Maine’s natural resources, and supporting stellar educational opportunities that serve all of its people.

Maggie Goscinski

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