With all of the commotion of the presidential election, it can be easy to forget to look for the important candidates in our local communities. We are so fortunate in District 15, made up of Augusta, China, Oakland, Sidney, and Vassalboro, to have Kalie Hess running for the state Senate on our behalf.

Hess is on the side of Maine’s working families. She has received endorsements from workers around the state, including the Maine AFL-CIO and the Maine Education Association.

Maine’s workforce is at a crisis point because of the pandemic. Unemployment is up, and others are working in unsafe or ineffective settings. Hess values the economic and public health interests of our district, and her professional background in public health shows she can promote practices and develop policies that prioritize both. Her commitment to a strong rebuilding of our labor force is exactly the kind of focus we need in the community rather than trying to solve new problems with old ideas.

This forward thinking is what Hess will bring to the Senate in order to develop solutions that work for all workers in the state. As a candidate for the Senate, Kalie Hess shows promise of truly representing the voices of Maine’s workers. This is the kind of advocacy that will move our state forward, and it’s why I’m voting for Kalie Hess in November.


Caleb James


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