I have known Bruce White for nearly 10 years, and was introduced to him by a friend who recommended him as competent and reliable technician who could help provide computer support to my wife and I.

Serving together on the Waterville Planning Board for a number of years, I have been consistently impressed with his character. He studies the items on the agenda before the meetings occur, keeps an open mind and has no hidden agendas or ulterior motives, asks pertinent questions, and is respectful of opposing views. He bases his decisions on their merit and adopted ordinances, cares about his constituents, and has built a network of responsible professionals in which to be able to assist people and resolve issues.

With so many options of activities he could be doing in his spare time now that he is retired, serving in this capacity as state representative is a testimony to the care and devotion to the people of the state of Maine.

Bruce is able to dedicate 100% of his time to the duties required of this position, as he isn’t burdened by full-time or part-time employment or constrained by any other time-consuming commitments that could diminish his focus and energy. I heartily recommend his reelection.


Paul Lussier


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