At least two versions of the facts are battling for the hearts and minds of our country. This reminds me of our friends Kit and Christoph, back in our student days (the ’50s). He was a refugee from East Germany and had married a local girl, from Columbus, Ohio. As Christoph was preparing for the Lutheran ministry, he was sent to a church in a German-speaking settlement, on the prairies of Canada.

Before long he realized that his Lutherans were living in a world of their own: for them, the Second World War was still being fought, and they assumed Hitler’s Germany would win. We never did hear whether Christoph managed to bring them around to reality post-1945, or if so, how.

Today, many of us Americans are as lost as those remote German emigre prairie farmers were in 1957. To save our country and our sanity, we’ve got to put Kellyanne Conway’s “alternate facts” behind us, and accept the ones that apply in the rest of the world.


Charles Ferguson

East Vassalboro

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