I support Ethan Brownell for state representative for District 106: Pittsfield, Clinton and Detroit.

Teaching high school has provided Ethan the opportunity to understand the challenges our students and families face, including food insecurity and limited access to health care. It has also allowed Ethan to recognize the potential in Maine’s people and communities.

Ethan teaches history and government. Both subjects give him an appreciation of the long view of politics and a deep understanding of the complexity and the consequences of the decisions he will face. He will be a thoughtful lawmaker who is prepared to hit the ground running.

It is critical to have capable lawmakers who understand good governance and care deeply about the people of Maine, especially during the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19. I know Ethan will be a strong voice and represent us well.

Please join me in voting for Ethan Brownell.


Trudy Ferland


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