Sen. Matt Pouliot was a dedicated community member long before he was a legislator. As our state senator, he remains steadfast in his commitment to helping our neighbors at all times.

I’ve worked with Matt on numerous community and volunteer efforts, and I’m always impressed by how much he cares, by his work ethic, and by his responsiveness. When he hears about a way to help our community through legislative action, he works to get it done. When a constituent calls him for help, he jumps into action. When he hears about a food drive, a charity event, or any other way to be involved, he’s there, ready to work to help his community.

Matt is a true community leader, and I’m glad to have him as my state senator. I’ll be voting to re-elect Matt Pouliot this year, and I hope you will join me in doing so.


Sue Grenier


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