The ever more numerous, expansive, and deadly fires in Western coastal states are, after decades of strong warnings, yet another “wake-up call” regarding the proven science of swiftly advancing climate change. And we should note that because scientists are by nature conservative in their pronouncements, it often turns out that climate change is arriving even more severely and quickly than their public warnings state.

Meanwhile President Trump, the creator of many adulation-seeking gatherings of largely maskless worshipers, keeps providing the assembled with a couple of hours of misinformation along with possible COVID infection. A recent one flouted the state laws regarding such gatherings, and it was most interesting to learn that the rows nearest the POTUS were required to wear masks. More than interesting, when duly considered.

Trump remains, in public, a climate change denier. That’s bad enough, but if in his mind he really is not, that’s far worse. Of course he’s recently turned 74, and that’s also interesting. Consider that we’ve heard him on tape in his own words telling Bob Woodward how dangerous he actually knew the coronavirus to be.

Whatever the case, we lose precious time by his efforts against science, which makes it more and more likely that human life may struggle mightily to survive into the next century.


Abbott Meader


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