In state Sen. Russell Black’s recent Legislative Update flyer he lamented the 400 bills left unresolved after adjournment on March 17, blaming the COVID-19 virus for the Legislature’s inaction. Nowhere does he mention the real reason those 400 bills sit collecting dust:  He and fellow Republicans played politics, vehemently refusing pleas from Gov. Mills twice to join Democrats for a special session, once in mid-July and again in early August.

Meanwhile, Sen. Susan Collins uses the Republican-made legislative roadblock in attack ads against Sara Gideon, holding her responsible for this gridlock when the real blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Sen. Black and his Republican colleagues.

For Sen. Black to blame the pandemic for the Legislature’s inaction is, at the very least, egregiously deceptive and, at worse, an outright lie. We should expect our elected officials to work tirelessly for Mainers rather than for disgraceful political gains.


George Martin

Mount Vernon

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