I grew up in Skowhegan and am both a Washington, D.C., and Maine lawyer. Having served as a longtime U.S. Senate staffer, I have seen firsthand when our government serves working people and when it fails them.

Joe Biden is the right choice for Maine. He will bring Democrats and Republicans together to find science-based solutions to coronavirus and climate change.

Biden will expand access to health care, support rural hospitals like Redington-Fairview, grow broadband and high-speed internet, revitalize American manufacturing, grow microloans for new farmers, make two years of community college tuition-free, and expand apprenticeships. He would give more Mainers the chance to gain skills at Kennebec Valley Community College and others.

Margaret Chase Smith was a childhood friend and I worked for George Mitchell.

Joe Biden is the tradition of Sens. Smith, Muskie, Mitchell, Cohen, and Snowe. He is decent and honest and will get the job done.


Jonathan Hale


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