To say President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic was mishandled is an understatement. In reality it has been an unmitigated disaster.

We now know that he lied to the American people, telling Bob Woodward on Feb. 7 “this is deadly stuff” passed through the air and “more deadly than even your more strenuous flus.” His own national security adviser told him that it would be the largest security crisis of his presidency.

Trump said he downplayed the seriousness of the virus because he didn’t want to panic the public, yet knowing how dangerous it was he still kept holding rallies, putting thousands of lives in danger. This shows a total lack of empathy.

We have now passed 200,000 deaths from this virus. How many more will die because of the president’s inaction? By going against his own experts, Trump regularly promotes unproven treatments.

The mishandling of this pandemic is one of many reasons that Trump does not deserve a second term. He needs to be voted out on Nov. 3. The nation’s health and our democracy depend on it.


David Harris


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