I have to stop shaking my head in disbelief when President Trump makes claim to all the “powerful” work he and his administration has done on the pandemic. I have to start using my words instead. So here goes …

He has done nothing to make things better. He says he took quick action to close the borders though thousands did travel. Under his watch the CDC botched the roll out of testing, a problem that continues to echo. He has manipulated government resources including the CDC and the FDA so that we can’t trust them.

He offered no help to get ready for the onslaught of hospitalizations; he left this work to each state, to fashion their own response and to compete against each other for supplies. He did not listen to the experts nor take any leadership role in supporting public health measures including mask use and social distancing. The result is playing Russian roulette with our kids lives as they return to school.

Instead, he denigrated the messengers, denied the science, and divided us in ways that led firearm-carrying citizens taking up occupancy in the State House of a Midwestern capital, demanding that government rescind action ordered to help manage this pandemic. Drive around Maine and you will see lawn signs to “Impeach Mills” — for what?!?

As of this writing the U.S. has had 6,571,867 cases and 195,053 deaths. That is what he has done.

Don Dubois, M.D.


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