I am thrilled to vote for George Lapointe for mayor of Hallowell. George’s generous community spirit has inspired me to show up for school budget meetings when I might have stayed home, or to volunteer for a church work crew that I know will be well organized because he is leading it. As a parent I greatly appreciate his commitment to public education, evidenced through his attending Regional School Unit 2 school board budget deliberations as a council member.

We have served together on two teams to welcome and mentor immigrant families to our area, and the deep mutual respect between George and these “New Mainers” shines. The times that George has cheerfully appeared to help a neighbor remove a fallen tree, move a family’s household, or haul wood to the Hall-Dale homecoming bonfire are too big to number.

George loves the Hallowell community. Join me in voting for George Lapointe.


Pam Lombard


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