In the upcoming election, Hallowell  has an outstanding mayoral candidate in George Lapointe, who has been our councilor at-large for five years, where he has been notable for his way of bringing people together to solve problems.

As commissioner of Marine Resources, Lapointe consulted both researchers and fishermen in setting policy.

Hallowell faces significant challenges as we look to the future: Replacing or rebuilding the public works building, a new location for the police station and a use for the old fire house, support for the Hubbard Free Library. Hallowell won’t find any magic solutions to these challenges, but we will need to come together to find solutions that will work, and that we can afford.

I believe George Lapointe has the talents to help us get there.

I plan to vote for George Lapointe for mayor, and urge Hallowell voters to join me.

Jon Lund


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